Our Brikawood constructive system is for sale under exclusive license. Marketing and manufacturing licenses, with entry fees and royalties for the year. The license is sold for total exclusivity in each country only. To obtain an exclusive license, it is essential to come and train in France, a compulsory engineering level speaking and including French, capable of producing and interpreting design and manufacturing plans. (Training and technical assistance) The Brikawood process includes 10 patents, 2 labels, 5 innovation awards. BRIKAWOOD Kits include wooden slabs to replace concrete slabs. The walls of wood bricks composed of: Post stiffeners, Pre-frames useful for joinery, Wood walls with sound insulation, Wooden ceilings with hanger. Wood floors (floors) You will need a production unit for the manufacture of everything that includes wooden construction with outdoor terraces. In France, all materials for the realization of a house is priced at 950 € (1170.162. P2 per m2) without transport and without mounting (slab, floor, walls, insulation, windows, roof, partitions, doors, electricity, plumbing) Electrical and plumbing electrical ducts run inside the bricks. You will also need a design office, to work on architectural plans, to carry out 3D designs and feasibility studies to establish accurate quotes. In manufacturing use a nomenclature (Production plans) In Europe we use a wood named Douglas certified class 3 with a moisture content between 16 and 18% This species of wood does not need specific treatment against insects or larvae except in countries such as the DOM or some tropical countries. Effective treatments are available on the market that we apply as a paint. Precise tools have been designed and patented to achieve the millimeter concept Brikawood. The machining of the concept provides calibrated wood chips, which are filtered and stripped of sawdust for the insulation of walls, ceilings, floors. The Brikawood process uses its scrap wood for insulation. (Fibers of wood) no loss, (Bio sourced) Brikawood houses are recognized as PASSIVES, ECOLOGICAL ECONOMIC, ANTI-SEISMIC, ANTICYCLONIC and RECYCLABLE, they are assembled and disassembled. We speak only French, we use google translation for foreign correspondences. If you are interested, you will have to come to France accompanied by engineers or an interpreter knowing spoken and understand the French for training. Our lawyers will draft a license agreement after agreement between the parties and after receiving the necessary documents for the implementation of a license. Your identity and that of your company. The investment required for a manufacturing plant, digital machine tools, planer, jointer, digital saw etc. or robotic arm with servo.