Brikawood is unable to respond to the thousands of requests and questions from various countries.
Our constructive system is for sale under license.
We are looking for manufacturers capable of manufacturing to market (Essential Engineer) Our lawyers are available to draft a license agreement.
Thank you for your understanding and especially thank you for your interest in our constructive system.

Simple, economical and ecological houses

Whether you are a social housing landlord, a community, an investor, a housing promoter or an individual, the construction of a modular positive energy home is attractive, no matter which way you look at it.

Durable, scalable, and efficient on thermal and accoustic levels, our realizations guarantee optimal comfort and well-being as well as appreciable energy savings. An important pitch to which future tenants or buyers are more and more sensitive.

An Innovative Concept

A wooden brick which one assembles and disassembles without nails, screws or glue

Brick 250

The wooden Brikawood brick is a constructive assembly system made of wood and requires neither nails, screws nor glue to assemble, like a game of logic and intuition.

Brick 160

Brikawood is launching the wooden brick’s little sister. Brick 160 allows one to assemble alone a 215 ft² room in one’s garden !

A simple, conform to standards, contruction procedure of a passive house.

Our challenge was to create a passive, environmentally-friendly and economical house,  in an elaborate and industrial manner. Everything was thought out for sustainable developement : from the conception of the brick itself (Brick 250), the optimisation of raw materials such as insulation, the assembly system of the house walls, right down to the industrialised production procedure and the training of the staff…

Unite innovation together with prosperity for the environmental cause.

As maker of innovative products in construction (leader of industrialised modular construction), Brikawood relies on the same constructive 3D dry wall procedure to create quality, economical and ecological housing projects in record time ( 2 to 3 times quicker than conventional construction). We can also rely on R&D work carried out by our integrated research unit in order to offer ever more efficient and responsable housing solutions. With quality and comfort being our number 1 priority, offering positive energy housing seems only natural to BRIKAWOOD.

Brikawood intends to respond, in its own manner, to the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

The brick (model 250 and 160) is made up of 4 wooden elements, assembled through interlocking. This innovative eco-material is destined to be used alone, while remaining very waterproof. Its high thermal performances and simple production make Brikawood’s wooden bricks an important ecological industrial solution.

23 April 2018


Notre système constructif Brikawood est à vendre sous licence exclusive. Des licences de commercialisation et de fabrication, avec droit d’entrée et royalties à l’année. La licence […]
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