More comfort, less energy.

A Brikawood home distinguishes itself by its great comfort linked to very low energy consumption. This comfort is primarily obtained through the use of components approved for passive construction (windows which protect from the cold, insulation, heat recovery).

  • Reinforced insulation (filtered wood shavings).

  • Very good window frames, double or triple glazing.

  • Comfort ventilation with heat recovery.

  • Coating particularly air-tight.

  • Construction guaranteed without thermal bridges.

  • Ecological assessment radically favourable.

Constructions conform to RT 2012.

The RT 2012 standard was decided following the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” (2012) and became compulsory from the 1st of January 2013. It is part of a strategy for the decreasing by 3 of energy consumption for new housing and buildings in the tertiary sector.

It is important to note that the RT 2012 consists of a regulation for results and not an obligation for construction. This therefore means that designers, such as BRIKAWOOD INTERNATIONAL, respect the energy performance criteria set by the RT 2012.

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Innovation innovation 2

Modern and custom-built homes.

Thus Brikawood International, specialist of the design in France and abroad, offers modern and custom-built homes, respectful of the current RT 2012 thermal regulation and of the RT 2020.

A passive Brikawood home is a building which reaches a pleasant room temperature  without conventional heating in winter nor air-conditioning in summer. In this way, a passive house is designed so that it’s heating requirement may be provided by solar energy and technical components.

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The construction method

The Brikawood method is a logical construction system of load-bearing walls, based on the assembly of wooden bricks piled in staggered rows by stacking, without fixing. The bricks are held fast together by the spacers which provide the wall with a mechanical coherence and a dimensional stability.